Alden Men's Club
Helping Others in Need
Man of the Year
Chuck Selander

Chuck was recognized as this year's winner because he exemplified volunteerism and dedication to the mission of the Alden Men's Club.

Early in the spring, Chuck volunteered to take charge of the food concesson for the annual Rummage Sale in July. This was a new endeavor for the AMC, so Chuck had to set up the operation from scratch. He estimated quantities of food & other supplies, located vendors, set prices and even cooked the food on the day of the sale.

Chuck also volunteered and almost single-handedly set up our inaugural Coffe Tent at the Iceman Race in November. He did all of the leg work that guaranteed a successful outing, such as getting Higher Grounds Coffee of Traverse City to donate the coffee we gave out. All of the advance work Chuck did made it very easy for the other club members who helped that day. Chuck is already working on ways to improve next year's Coffee Tent. And in addition, he is actively looking for other local events where we can build on our relationship with Higher Grounds Coffee and host more coffee tents to raise community awareness of the Alden Men's Club and our support of area food pantries.

Thanks Chuck!

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