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Truman Bicum

One of the things that has always impressed me about our members, is that none of them go around "blowing their own horns" about what they do in the AMC. They just quietly go about the business of helping those in need. And one of our quietest members is Truman Bicum.

Truman agreed to be in charge of cooking for our monthly meetings for one year -
and that was more than four years ago! All this time, he has quietly chosen the menu and purchased the food. Then, on the day of the meeting, he and his world-famous cooking crew arrive 1-2 hours early to put together an excellent meal. Truman is so low-key about it all, that if he didn't walk around the tables offering more food or clearing people's plates during the meeting, we would hardly know he was there at all. We frequently have to call him out of the kitchen when we need his input or to participate in a vote. By the time the meeting is done, Truman's crew has the kitchen cleaned up and are ready to leave. All of this happens behind the scenes, but we couldn't do what we do without Truman.

Thanks Truman!

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