Alden Men's Club
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Man of the Year
Mike Malloy

Mike Malloy is the 2018 Man of the Year because even though he has only been with us a short time, he has had a huge impact.

Mike joined us this spring, saying he’d heard about us and wanted to check us out. He did that by showing up to help on two of the very first pickups for this year’s rummage sale back in the March/April timeframe BEFORE he had even attended a meeting. Mike also cleaned up & fixed a few items to make sure they were working for the sale. Since that time, I don’t believe he has missed a pickup, to include 2 or 3 already for NEXT year’s sale.

Mike is a hard worker. We worked together several times & he’d start to do something & I’d say wait a minute & I’ll give you a hand but by the time I got there the job was done! Then he’d look at me & say, “What’s next?”

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