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Eagle Scout Award Program Guidelines

Eagle Scout Award Program Guidelines

The Alden Men’s Club’s Eagle Scout Award program was originally adopted by the club in August, 2011. It has been continually renewed since then with the latest renewal occurring at the February 2020 meeting for two more years expiring on Deember 31, 2022 unless renewed again. It was amended at the January 27th, 2018 meeting to include Eagle Scouts who reside in Antrim or Kalkaska Counties, but are members of troops outside those counties. The Eagle Scout must have been awarded that status after July 1, 2017.

This program has been a very successful community outreach for the AMC and generates a lot of positive publicity for us. Not only does it help some very deserving young men further their education but it also provides much needed financial support to the scout troops in Antrim & Kalkaska counties. The money for the program comes from the Sarhatt Memorial Fund and an annual golf outing sponsored by AMC. The Sarhatt family is very proud to continue its support of this program in their parents’ names.

The AMC Eagle Scout Award Program is active for two years and will expire on December 31st, 2022 unless renewed again by the AMC membership. Details are as follows:

  1. To qualify for the award, the scout must be in a troop located in Antrim or Kalkaska County or be a resident of one of these counties. The Eagle Scout’s troop can be located outside Antrim and Kalkaska Counties.
  2. The Eagle Scout scholarship will be $500 with the intent to provide financial assistance to the recipient for higher education, technical school, or preparatory education activities. The recipient will be requested to inform the club how the monies are to be spent.
  3. The Eagle Scout will receive a congratulatory certificate from the Club.
  4. The troop of the recognized Eagle Scout will receive a $200 award for troop use.
  5. The money for the scholarship will continue to come from the Sarhatt Memorial Fund.
  6. Applications for this award are to be made on form AMC FormESJan2018NLN available on the AMC website.
  7. The AMC Eagle Scout Award Program will be in effect until December 31, 2022.

To reach Eagle Scout status, a scout must accrue 21 badges in areas including first aid, cooking, personal fitness, citizenship and environmental science. Personal recommendations must be garnered, and scouts must demonstrate they live by the principles in the Scout Oath and Law. Honor, duty to God and country, helping others and keeping oneself, “physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight,” are paramount to the oath.

Modified: 1/29/2022 by N.L. Neuenschwander